24 May
Corporate Paedophilia: Ad Standards Board justifies promoting porn sites to children

Content Warning: Some content including in this post may be distressing, but it is content the ASB is promoting to your children.If an adult gave your child a Hustler magazine, what would you do? Perhaps contacting the police might be an appropriate response. But what if the adult was the... Read more

22 May
What Ad Standards Said Before They Hung up on me

Several weeks ago, I made a complaint to the Advertising Standards Board about an ad on the side of a bus featuring the website for a hardcore porn site. After waiting a few weeks for their response, during which time the ad remained in place, the ASB advised me they... Read more

22 May
Collective Shout participates in Australian Summit Against Sexual Exploitation

Last week Collective Shout had the privilege of attending the first inaugural Australian Summit Against Sexual Exploitation (ASASE). In attendance were politicians, NGOs, activists, survivors of sexual exploitation and other community leaders. Read more

16 May
Supre set to make positive change

After many years of questionable product and marketing choices, Supre is set to significantly reshape its culture in a positive way. Read more

14 May
Transperth breaks their promise, continues to advertise live sex shows on buses

A week and a half ago, I wrote about Government owned Transperth buses advertising live sex shows. Despite contacting the Advertising Standards Board, various Government bodies and MPs (including the Premier, Mark McGowan), I was told nothing could be done. Read more

11 May
13 Reasons Why Highlights How a Culture of Objectification Harms Girls

13 Reasons Why makes a powerful statement about the nature of rape, challenging several widely held myths about sexual violence and what constitutes a ‘real’ rape. Recently released on Netflix, the TV program 13 Reasons Why has attracted significant media attention for its treatment of sensitive material and themes, including teen... Read more

09 May
Fight Against Sexualisation: Collective Shout Featured in Medical Magazine

       Collective Shout is a grassroots campaigning movement fighting the objectification of women and the sexualisation of girls in media, advertising and popular culture. In its 2007 Task Force into the Sexualisation of Girls, the American Psychological Association defined sexualisation (as opposed to healthy sexuality) as follows:  Read more

08 May
We Need To Talk About Porn

Content Warning: This piece contains graphic descriptions of mainstream pornography. We need to talk about porn. We need to have a huge, comprehensive, massive undertaking of a conversation on the complex, contentious, divisive thing that is porn. What is not needed is relegating porn to something between children and their... Read more

05 May
How to Fix Sexist Advertising

There’s an old saying that sex sells. While some bad ads do objectify women to sell beer or web domain registration services, the following commercials aren’t actually selling sex. Instead, they seem to be testing a new theory: Sexism sells. The makers of these ads are banking on two flawed... Read more

04 May
Pornographic websites advertised on buses, the State Government profits

Live sex shows are being advertised on Transperth public buses. How did this ever happen?For years, the Advertising Standards Bureau has given free rein to the sex industry to promote pornography and prostitution services in the public space. What does this look like? Billboards advertising strip clubs outside schools, school... Read more

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