20 Sep
“Welcome To My Life” - Chris Brown’s new documentary blames Rhianna for injuries

One would do well to remind Brown that it was Rhianna who walked away with swelling and facial contusions.  Eight years following the horrendous altercation that left Chris Brown pleading guilty to battery charges, having punched, bitten, and pushed his then-girlfriend Rihanna, comes Chris Brown: Welcome To My Life (2017).... Read more

20 Sep
Win! 'Send me nudes' sign in Teen UK retailer removed!

A mother has won a battle against teen clothing company Missguided who were promoting child sexual abuse imagery in their shop. A recent blog published by Elizabeth Johnston an Activist Vlogger from theactivistmom.com who educates about current events and topics that are important to families shares the following:  You know it’s... Read more

19 Sep
Stealthing – A term for a kind of sexual assault, not a “new sex trend.”

Stealthing is accompanied with misogynistic views.  They are part of the myths that have been perpetuated for centuries in a desperate attempt by some men to maintain control over their partners. Over the past few months, a disturbing ‘sex trend’ has emerged in the public eye. Stealthing, as popular culture... Read more

14 Sep
Win! Clarks remove school shoes that sexualise girls

Clarks removal of “Dolly Babe” demonstrates the power of speaking up. Your voice matters and as a collective, we can end sexploitation of women and girls.  The well-known British shoe brand, Clarks, came under fire after naming a pair of girls’ shoes “Dolly Babe” and a pair of boys’ shoes... Read more

11 Sep
The truth about children’s exposure to pornography

As the internet gains increasing importance in the lives of young people, researchers have begun to notice children’s exposure to pornography can harm sexual development. Boys who start watching pornography at an early age are more likely to uphold misogynistic views and behaviours when they get older, a new study... Read more

08 Sep
Revenge porn is making our social media toxic

Facebook faced over 50,000 potential revenge porn cases in January alone. A closed men’s Facebook group with a membership of 15,000 recently received a post from a member displaying pictures of himself having sex with a woman without her consent.  Source: Getty Images Read more

05 Sep
This Is Why Taylor Swift’s Victory Matters For All Women

Taylor’s case was about making a point on behalf of women who don’t otherwise have a voice. Taylor Swift had a major victory recently, and her victory was also a triumph for survivors of sexual harassment everywhere. Pop star Taylor Swift was awarded $1USD ($1.30AUD) in damages after successfully counter-suing... Read more

01 Sep
Australian Modern Slavery Act must tackle sexual exploitation

Sexual exploitation of girls and women is the most common form of trafficking worldwide. Back in April, Collective Shout made a submission to the federal inquiry into establishing a Modern Slavery Act in Australia. Following the UK Parliament’s establishment of a Modern Slavery Act in 2015, a Joint Standing Committee... Read more

29 Aug
Robert Kardashian uses ‘sextortion’ a form of image-based abuse

Victim-blaming continues to grow in face of image based abuse. In a world where the highs and lows of life are shared on a daily basis via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook it is the crash and burn of relationships that garner the most clicks. Few with an online presence are... Read more

23 Aug
Channel 7's ‘Morning Show’ normalises sexual objectification

During the morning of August 3, Channel 7's ‘Morning Show’ host Kylie Gillies gifted her co-host Lary Emdur with two celebrity nudes. During a four-minute spiel about “How Airtasker can help you say thank you” to the people in your life, Kylie Gillies decided against Airtasker ambassador Jules Sebastian’s suggestion of... Read more

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