18 Aug
Double win! Honey Birdette ordered to remove objectifying ads

Honey Birdette has been ordered to remove objectifying ads in a recent ASB ruling: Overall, in the ASB's view, the advertisement did breach Section 2.4 of the Code which states that "Advertising or Marketing Communications shall treat sex, sexuality and nudity with sensitivity to the relevant audience. Finding that Honey... Read more

17 Aug
Honey Birdette Complaints

“They'd never be able to use those images in prime time to advertise, so why do I have to subject my young son to that imagery when all I wanted was to go get him some new shoes for preschool?” For the month of July, the most highly reported offender... Read more

11 Aug
Win! Rugby league adopts life ban for violent players

LEAGUE players who have committed an offense of domestic violence, sex offences or disrespecting women could face life bans under new NFL guidelines to end a culture of “covering up” and paying “hush money” to victims. In what would be a first for an Australian football code, the NRL has... Read more

08 Aug
The Rise of Sexual Assault in Schools

In NSW government schools alone, the number of alleged student-on-student attacks rose from 90 incidents in 2015 to 142 last year. As reports of student-on-student sexual assault rise, we are once again confronted with the very real impacts of sexploitation on our children. A recent article in The Australian, titled... Read more

07 Aug
Ultra Tune continues with Ultra Sexist ads

There are some things in life that are certain – Boxing Day sales, stocktake sales, and now, shockingly sexist Ultra Tune ads. True to form, three free-to-air Ultra Tune advertisements have made the ASB’s 2017 most-complained-about ad list so far. Ultra Tune ads top the list with 357 complaints. Read more

02 Aug
Sex doesn't sell - the evidence

Sex sells right? This is the theory we are led to believe, but on the contrary, it is far from the truth. This article will tackle the myth that ‘sex sells’, by drawing on the latest research. So what does the research on sex in advertising actually say? According to... Read more

28 Jul
Katy Perry’s Bon Appetit – little more than a misogynistic wet dream

There is nothing subtle about a cling wrapped side of meat. We are invited to drool over one in the film clip for Katy Perry’s song ‘Bon Appetit’. Meant for consumption, our meat is a pale shade of pink and a little marbled, and the chefs hovering about it look... Read more

25 Jul
BREAKING! WIN! Sexist ads to be banned in UK - Collective Shout

Advertisements that perpetuate sexist stereotypes, promote objectification and depict sexually explicit imagery will be banned in the UK, under rules being proposed by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). Read more

24 Jul
Benefit cosmetics fails girls

Benefit’s new ad is a failure A UK based skin care company is encouraging young girls to skip school and prioritise make up at the expense of their education. Benefit Cosmetics have been slammed by consumers for their slogan 'skip class not concealer'. The poster depicts a teenage girl lying... Read more

21 Jul

A Spanish political party, Iniciativa per Catalunya Verds, has attempted to create waves of change within the world of Motorsport. Becoming the second political party in Catalonia to implement a set of rules upon grid girls; in turn trying to end sexist practices in the sport.  Read more

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Honey Birdette Complaints
August 17, 2017
The Rise of Sexual Assault in Schools
August 08, 2017

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