29 Mar
'Skimpies' night: the Western Australia pub tradition that refuses to die

By Calla Wahlquist for The Guardian A failed application to allow topless waitresses at a suburban pub in Perth has reignited debate over Western Australia’s culture of “skimpy” barmaids. Skimpy barmaids, or just “skimpies,” refers to female bar staff who wear a bikini or lingerie. But the practice has faced a challenge... Read more

29 Mar
Helping young people navigate porn culture: MTR podcast

And how a pornified world harms our ability to achieve gender equality “Pornified messages are bombarding our young people and giving them distorted ideas about their bodies, about relationships, and about sexuality,” says Melinda Tankard Reist, in this podcast interview, “According to global research, (this is) making our kids very... Read more

23 Mar
Child sexual abuse thrives in a culture that eroticises it

Today an article crossed my desk regarding a 28-year-old Victorian man who was sentenced to 12 years in prison for his vile and depraved sexual exploitation of 24 children aged between 12 and 16.  The article explains: The prominent amateur BMX rider allegedly forced children to perform degrading sex acts... Read more

21 Mar
Win! Kmart removes porn themed products from shelves

Kmart has confirmed it will be removing porn themed birthday cards from its shelves after Collective Shout supporter, Jayden Battey, spoke out. Read more

17 Mar
Why domestic violence will rule for as long as pornography exists

Over the past few years we have been shocked by the dramatic rise in domestic violence. We have seen a State Government taskforce established and generous funding pledged from the Federal Government in order to put an end to domestic and family violence. Despite this the problem grows and the... Read more

14 Mar
Campaign Urges Women To Report All Cases Of Sexual Harassment On Public Transport

Caitlin Roper, from women’s right’s group Collective Shout, said it’s “heartening to hear that police forces are both acknowledging the magnitude of these sexual crimes and implementing measures to stop them”, but she also pointed out that we must address the root cause of harassment. “While it’s important women feel safe and... Read more

10 Mar
How The Media Continue To Traumatise Child-Exploitation Survivors

Despite the advancements made in the battle to bring child sexual abuse to the forefront of public discussion, it seems society still has a long way to go when it comes to reporting on child exploitation with dignity and respect. Take a moment to think over a recent article you’ve... Read more

07 Mar
This International Women's Day let’s raise STRONG girls not HOT girls!

As I scrolled through my social media feed last week I quickly became transfixed by a deluge of images that flooded my screen. I am well aware that many girls only post highlights of their lives, but what concerned me was the empty eyes peering back at me. I clicked... Read more

03 Mar
Sexist Advertising Perpetuates Sexist Attitudes

During the coverage of the Australian Open this year, viewers were forced to sit through a series of monotonous and tiresome advertisements that ranged from banking adverts to whitewashed Australian television drama. Though tedious and boring, for the most part I was unfazed by them. There was one commercial, however,... Read more

02 Mar
WIN! Tavern application for topless waitresses denied after objections

Last year Western Australian Tavern The Sixty30 made an application to vary existing trading conditions to allow topless waitresses. Along with other members of the community and the Commissioner of Police, we lodged an objection on the basis that: Read more

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