Articles on sexualisation

Articles on sexualisation

Experts advise parents to have their eyes wide open in this digital age, as sexual predators are targeting children through Social media apps.  The rise of social media has made the threat of online child grooming easier, resulting in high prevalence of sexual exploitation. Experts have advised that parents need...

Netflix 'Stranger Things' all-child cast is sexualised in a raft of new media   "TV is sexier than ever" with 13-year-old child actor Milly Bobby Brown, who has "turned it up" in the words of recent media reports.

The fine line between sophistication and sexy. The Feed's Andy Park takes a look at how children and sexuality are portrayed in the images we consume and finds that standards are fluid. And they are changing fast. Every day, everywhere, we are saturated with images of sexuality. Buy this. Click...

A mother has won a battle against a popular retail company, Best & Less who were selling slogan T-shirts with inappropriate messages targeted at young girls. 

A mother has won a battle against teen clothing company Missguided who were promoting child sexual abuse imagery in their shop. A recent blog published by Elizabeth Johnston an Activist Vlogger from who educates about current events and topics that are important to families shares the following:  You know it’s...

A new 2017 study has revealed that more Australian teens are viewing porn and they are exposed at younger ages than ever before.

       Collective Shout is a grassroots campaigning movement fighting the objectification of women and the sexualisation of girls in media, advertising and popular culture. In its 2007 Task Force into the Sexualisation of Girls, the American Psychological Association defined sexualisation (as opposed to healthy sexuality) as follows: 

Founder of Kidz Biz Education Wendy Hill told the Sunday Mail that violent pornography is shaping primary school aged children’s behaviour. According to Ms Hill, more than half of all Year 5 students, and almost all students from Year 6 onwards had viewed pornography online, but almost none told their...

We're pleased to report that after years of campaigning against Wicked Campers for their sexist and anti-women slogans and imagery, Tasmania's Legislative Council has voted to deregister offending vehicles. 

Trigger warning: This blog contains references to child sexual abuse, please be aware of and prioritise your own well-being. Shopping with my with my 10 year old daughter one Sunday afternoon, she suggested she needed new school socks. I could not have envisioned the chain of events that would quickly...

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