Articles on sexualisation

Articles on sexualisation

Trigger warning: This blog contains references to child sexual abuse, please be aware of and prioritise your own well-being. Shopping with my with my 10 year old daughter one Sunday afternoon, she suggested she needed new school socks. I could not have envisioned the chain of events that would quickly...

The Board noted that in order to be in breach of this section of the Code the image would need to use sexual appeal in a manner that is both exploitative and degrading. The Board noted the advertised product is lingerie and considered that the pose of the woman is...

*Insert head desk* Yes you read it right, here we are again, talking about Ultra Tune and their sexist ads. We've written about Ultra Tune numerous times, they have featured on our #CrossedOff list for the last three years and were also in the Top 10 most complained about ads for...

At Collective Shout, we campaign against the objectification of women and the sexualisation of girls. The term 'sexualisation' can at times be misunderstood - so what exactly does sexualisation refer to?The American Psychological Association’s 2007 Task Force into the Sexualisation of Girls makes a clear distinction between healthy sexuality and...

With your support, Collective Shout has continued to challenge sexploitation at every level during 2016. It is because of our supporters all over the country (and overseas) that our collective voice and impact continues to grow so thank you and here's to keeping up the fight in 2017!

Earlier this month Melanie and her daughter were shopping in Ringwood when they passed by a hyper-sexualised poster in the front window of a snow boarding store.  Our motto here at Collective Shout is "Silence is the language of complicity, speaking out is the language of change". And speaking out...

We exposed Shade Sunscreen for using sexually objectifying women to advertise their products. Shade Sunscreen’s social media was dominated by sexualised images of women’s bodies and body parts. Following a single complaint, all of their Australian social media sites were suddenly taken down. 

On November 16th 2016 the NSW Committee on Children and Young People released the report on the Sexualisation of children and young people.  The report contained 10 recommendations. 

For years, Bratz dolls have attracted criticism for their hyper-sexualised appearance and unhealthy messages to little girls. This week we spoke with Miriam, who decided to makeover the dolls in a unique and positive way. Read the interview below:                      ...

New on our list of corporations that have exploited women are Volley with their recent #Grassroots campaign. Volley have been a popular shoe company for decades, but for some reason they got lazy and decided they were going to try the 'sex sells' method of advertising (which we know doesn't...

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Everyday our young people are exposed to more brands continuing to sexualise girls and objectify women. You can bring change to this sexploitation, stop companies from degrading women and prevent its devastating effects on young people.

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