Stop the Traffik: so you think you will dance?

Every year thousands of women are promised a dance career in Western Europe, instead they are tricked, forced and exploited in the sex industry.

This stunt in Amsterdam's Red Light District was created by Dutch advertising firm Duval Guillaume for anti trafficking group, Stop the Traffik.

Watch the video and see how the onlooking men's faces change at the end. You can find out more about Stop the Traffik here.

Facts about Trafficking and Prostitution in Amsterdam, Netherlands

In Amsterdam, Netherlands, 80% of prostitutes are foreigners, and 70% have no immigration papers, suggesting that they were trafficked. (Marie-Victoire Louis, "Legalizing Pimping, Dutch Style," Le Monde Diplomatique, 8 March 1997)

In the Netherlands, 33% of the prostitutes come from countries outside of the European Union, this increases to 50% in the larger cities (Altink, 1995) ("Trafficking of Women to the European Union: Characteristic, Trends and Policy Issues," European Conference on Trafficking in Women, (June 1996), IOM, 7 May 1996)

Since 1990 in the Netherlands, the number of trafficked women from Central and Eastern European Countries has tripled. ("Trafficking of Women to the European Union: Characterisitics, Trends and Policy Issues," European Conference on Trafficking in Women, (June 1996), IOM, 7 May 1996)

Read more at the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women website.

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