Submission to the Senate Inquiry into Domestic Violence and Gender Inequality

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Recommendations from Collective Shout in this submission include:

  • The objectification of women be made central to government policy makers in understanding the connection between gender inequality and domestic violence.
  • Prostitution and pornography be officially recognised by the Government as forms of violence against women and as factors both caused by, and contributing to, gender inequality.
  • The objectification and sexualisation of women and girls be a central consideration in the regulation of advertising, marketing, and the media.
  • The prevalence of sexualised images of women and girls in Australian society be recognised as a significant underlying contributor to violence against women and girls.
  • The role of the Advertising Standards Bureau be reviewed, and a new code of ethics on objectification form part of the ASB’s criteria for complaints.
  • Restructure the current regulatory environment to bring the regulation of all media and marketing together under one encompassing independent federal regulator, including a division with the primary responsibility of protecting the interests of children and young people.
  • The Nordic Model be adopted as Australia’s legislative approach to prostitution.

* Unfortunately due to the calling of the forthcoming federal election the committee was disbanded and our submission not formally received. However we post it here for the interest of our supporters.

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