Total tools are total tools

We have been receiving complaints against hardware store Total Tools since last year. 

We contacted them in December and this was their reply:

"Apologies if our artwork choice has offended you. We will certainly use your feedback in deciding future artwork for our catalogues."

On their blog they claim to encouraging their female franchise community. But objectifying and sexualising women in marketing and advertising doesn't make for a very welcoming work environment for women. 


Here are some of their recent ads. 



Contact them via their website here

Via email or call 0392611943

Via Facebook.

Via Instagram.

Also read: Makita Tools sexist ads - its worth speaking up

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You can defend their right to childhood

Everyday our young people are exposed to more brands continuing to sexualise girls and objectify women. You can bring change to this sexploitation, stop companies from degrading women and prevent its devastating effects on young people.

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