2015 Wins and Highlights

It's been an eventful year for us here at Collective Shout! As the year comes to an end we reflect on some of our favourite victories and highlights from 2015. We could not have achieved these successes without your participation and support. 

Here's what we accomplished in 2015



  • Collective Shout supporter Verina won an opportunity to raise the failing of advertising industry self-regulation with now PM Malcolm Turnbull, who promised to follow up on the issue.
  • Education provider Learning Cloud withdrew their sexist "too ugly to sleep to the top" promotion after Collective Shout pressure. 
  • We joined with survivors of prostitution and trafficking, activists, human rights organisations and celebrities including Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt, Anne Hathaway, Kate Winslet, Emma Thompson and others, calling on Amnesty International to vote no to their proposal to legalise sex buying, pimping and brothel keeping.
  • Redfoo was dumped by The X Factor after our petition against his rape-culture promoting 'Literally I Can't' music video attracted almost 25, 000 signatures. 
  • We brought the documentary The Mask You Live In to Australia, holding screenings of the film around the country and sparking a dialogue into masculinity and limiting gender stereotypes on men.
  • Our Melbourne team participated in Mudderella, a 10 km obstacle course to raise funds for our work.




  • We reached a milestone with 25.000 supporters on our Facebook page.
  • We called on Chemist Warehouse to withdraw the "Virgin Palm Palm" men's sex toys eroticising sex with underage girls. The store was quick to respond with an apology, removing the items within hours.
  • We ran a piece by Jemma Nicoll exposing California Kisses, a girls dance wear company, with sexualised advertising featuring girls as young as 12 alongside the slogan 'Pop That', a popular porn- inspired phrase referring to the 'popping' of her cherry or taking of one's virginity. As a result CK removed the offending ad

We couldn't have achieved all these victories without your help! As we continue to work together collectively we can do great things. We look forward to your continued participation and support in 2016.

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