7-Eleven defends sale of pornographic magazines to minors

7-Eleven also claims complaints are 'resolved' - nice try

We recently exposed service station chain store 7-Eleven for selling pornographic magazines. In our August 1 article we described the July edition of People magazine, featuring headlines like 'X-Rated Aussie Teens' and 'Fresh flesh.'

Quotes inside the magazine attributed to teenage women gave detailed descriptions of sex acts they would like men to do to them and a desire to be sexually assaulted in public. 

Readers joined us in calling on 7-Eleven to pull the magazine from sale.

We also pointed out the flaws in the Classification system that gave this magazine - and its sister publication Picture - an 'M (Mature)' rating. This is an 'unrestricted' classification, which means no restriction on where it can be sold and who it can be sold to. (Oddly, the magazine's publisher Bauer Media doesn't advertise these magazines on their website)

This is why the kids who flock to 7-Eleven after school for Slurpees and Krispy Kreme doughnuts can purchase a Picture or People magazine, check out the 'best bums in porn' and read about how to make money giving blow jobs at the local pub. 

We submitted a complaint to Australian Classification on the basis that the content of this magazine far exceeds the requirements for an unrestricted classification. We argue the 'unrestricted' classification should be revoked and the magazine pulled from sale. 

While we await the outcome of that complaint, supporters have begun forwarding us responses they've received from 7-Eleven.

Of course, 7-Eleven has refused to take any responsibility for what they choose to sell, instead pointing to the Australian Government as justification for selling these magazines:

Thank you for contacting 7-Eleven Customer Service.
Thank you for contacting the 7-Eleven Customer Service team  regarding the sale of certain magazines in our stores. The magazines you refer to are classified ‘Unrestricted M’ by Australian Classification, which is part of the Australian Government’s Department of Communications and the Arts. 
These magazines are sold in a wide range of outlets such as newsagencies, supermarkets and convenience stores across Australia, and we understand some people may be offended by images displayed on the covers of these magazines. As a business we place ‘modesty covers’ over the front cover of these magazines so as to reduce this effect.
We thank you for taking the time in providing your feedback. 

Kind regards,
Customer Service
7-Eleven Stores Pty Ltd

It might be convenient for 7-Eleven to outsource its corporate ethics to a lax government department, but that still doesn't make it ok to sell pornography to minors. It still doesn't make it ok to profit from sexual exploitation of women and girls. 


Other customers received two emails from 7-Eleven. Minutes after receiving an email stating the complaint had been passed on to the 'relevant department' another email arrived stating the complaint had been 'resolved.'  

Definitely not resolved

Contact 7-Eleven again 

We now have an email address - [email protected]

Points to make in your email:

  • People and Picture are pornographic magazines
  • Australian Classification failing to do their job - by misclassifying the magazines as 'unrestricted' - does not mean 7-Eleven is exempt from doing their job. 7-Eleven has a responsibility to act ethically towards their customers and staff, as stated in their own code of conduct and statement of values.
  • Pull the mags from sale immediately.

Contact Department of Communication and the Arts

Email Minister for Communication and the Arts: [email protected]

Points to make in your email:

  • Magazines like People and Picture are pornographic magazines being sold in unrestricted premises such as 7-Eleven
  • Australian Classification has given these publications 'unrestricted' status meaning minors can purchase them
  • Based on Australian Classifications own guidelines the magazines exceed the requirements for an 'unrestricted' classification and should be pulled from circulation immediately

Make sure to state in your email that you would like a reply.

Keep emails short, polite and to the point. Your email does not have to be perfectly worded, sending something is better than sending nothing. Every voice counts! Let us know about any replies you receive.

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