"Domestic Violence dressed up as Erotica" - Lisa Wilkinson's review of 50 Shades of Grey

As reported by 9 News:


TODAY Show host Lisa Wilkinson has levelled a passionate broadside at the 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon, calling it "domestic violence dressed up as erotica".

Wilkinson was unequivocal in her scathing review of the film, which depicts a BDSM relationship between a wealthy man and a naive, 19-year-old woman.

Click here to view the clip and read the transcript. 

Later in the program Lisa Wilkinson advised viewers to donate their $20 to a domestic violence charity instead of seeing the film. 


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  • Jess Anderson
    commented 2015-02-24 09:25:27 +1100

    Ms Stott Despoja pointed out that every part of society — from the workplace, to schools, to corporations and governments — had a responsibility to be role models for both men and women, and that movies such “Fifty Shades of Grey … have done us no favours.”
    “It is such rigid gender stereotyping that do men and women no favours.”
  • Lilly Hope Lucario
    commented 2015-02-18 21:31:44 +1100
    I agree with all Lisa said and I blogged about this myself.
    I am thankful for Lisa speaking up, and going against public opinion, on this important matter.
    - Lilly Hope Lucario
  • Jess Anderson
    commented 2015-02-13 11:02:31 +1100
    Thank you Lisa for having the guts to speak honestly and raise awareness by using your public stance. I have nothing but respect for you. What the majority sadly don’t realise especially Dakota Johnson is that the behaviour of Christian Grey is typical of men that end up abusing, hurting, raping and killing women. Look at Adrian Bayley who murdered Jill Meagher. He got off by hurting and controlling women. He would regularly stalk strippers and fantasise about how he could dominate them. To say it’s consensual and makes everything okay is not a valid justification. If you feel controlled, manipulated and intimidated it’s going to be sometimes very hard and terrifying to say I’m not comfortable with it, stop and NO. To use the excuse “but there’s a code word for stop” makes my skin crawl.

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