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Sign the petition to tell Facebook to abandon its plans to target young children on Instagram

We are calling on Instagram to end the proliferation of sexual exploitation of women and children on their platform

Our two year investigation exposed Instagram's rampant sexualisation of minors and highlighted the way Instagram is geared toward  connecting men to underage girls. In response to our joint, global #WakeUpInstagram campaign -  Instagram announced new safety features including a restriction preventing direct messages between teenagers and men they do not follow and an in-app reporting tool to report Instagram accounts that sexualise children. 

But Instagram doesn't remove the images reported through their in-app reporting system. The Facebook-owned platform continues to be a purveyor of child sexual exploitation imagery, facilitating the sexualisation and eroticisation of underage girls.

Incredibly, Instagram now plans to establish a new platform - Instagram for Kids.

Instagram cannot be trusted to protect minors on their platform. Sign the petition today.

Tell Facebook to abandon its plans to target young children on Instagram

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You can defend their right to childhood

A world free of sexploitation is possible!

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