Instagram hosts countless pages filled with sexualised images of kids, many under the guise of 'child models' promoting dancewear and swimwear.

There are girls standing, hip to the side, pulling on bikini bottoms. Others are posed with arched backs and spread legs. Backsides to camera, arms overhead. Girls look wistfully back at the camera, lips parted. Side-shots capture girls with backsides pushed out. 

Kids don't naturally strike these poses. Adults put them up to it. Some accounts offer more sexualised content - such as video footage of a 13 year old girl washing a dog in a bikini - to those who pay for a subscription via patreon. 

We have also exposed the use of Instagram - a platform for users aged 13+ years - as a platform for pornographers to promote and link to hardcore porn sites. 

We are calling on Instagram to end the proliferation of sexual exploitation of women and children on their platform.

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Submission to European Commission Public Consultation on Child sexual abuse online - detection, removal and reporting

We were pleased to make a submission to the European Commission's public consultation on Child sexual abuse online - detection, removal and reporting.

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The mainstreaming of child exploitation material on Instagram

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WIN: New measures to help protect minors from predators on Instagram

We've had another major #WakeUpInstagram win, with Instagram's rollout of new tools to help protect underage users from predators on the platform including:

UN Submission: Children's rights in the digital environment

Update: UN adopts General Comment on children's online rights (February 11, 2021) The United Nations now recognises that children’s rights extend to the online realm....

Collective Shout supports Voluntary Principles to Counter Online Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse

Tech giants must act to stop sexual exploitation According to data recently shared by the Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation (ACCCE), we are in...

Win! Instagram adds in-app reporting tool to flag accounts that sexualise children

Instagram has responded directly to our #WakeUpInstagram campaign by adding a new in-app reporting tool to report accounts which sexualise children.

Child sex offences skyrocket: how to keep children safe online

Collective Shout quoted in two articles for The Examiner

Facebook-facilitated sexploitation

*Content warning: child exploitation references UK children’s charity says platforms have duty of care to keep kids safe [UPDATED] Finally - after action from eSafety...

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