Instagram hosts countless pages filled with sexualised images of kids, many under the guise of 'child models' promoting dancewear and swimwear.

Collective Shout has run a series of articles and a campaign against a dancewear company (and stockists) that in our opinion posed and styled girls for male paedophiliac fantasies.

There are girls standing, hip to the side, pulling on bikini bottoms. Others are posed with arched backs and spread legs. Backsides to camera, arms overhead. Girls look wistfully back at the camera, lips parted. Side-shots capture girls with backsides pushed out. 

Kids don't naturally strike these poses. Adults put them up to it. Some accounts offer more sexualised content - such as video footage of a 13 year old girl washing a dog in a bikini - to those who pay for a subscription via patreon. 

We have also exposed the use of Instagram - a platform for users aged 13+ years - as a platform for pornographers to promote and link to hardcore porn sites. 

We are calling on Instagram to end the proliferation of sexual exploitation of women and children on their platform.

Read the latest news below.

‘Sexy girl’: How Instagram allows the offering of young girls as fetishised flesh

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Her daughter was sexually exploited online so this mum took action!

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You can defend their right to childhood

Everyday our young people are exposed to more brands continuing to sexualise girls and objectify women. You can bring change to this sexploitation, stop companies from degrading women and prevent its devastating effects on young people.

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