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We can't let Pornhub get away with this any longer. See the evidence at the following link and check out the articles below. **Caution: Distressing content**

Pornhub commits crimes against women and girls

Racist, violent, misogynist: Does Instagram care about women and girls?

*Content warning: themes and images are distressing

"Pornhub actively profited from my rape."

*Content warning* This post may be distressing.  Earlier this month Rose Kalemba, who had previously exposed Pornhub for hosting footage of her rape as a...

Women and girls will pay the price for Pornhub's publicity stunts

The high cost of Pornhub's 'free' offer

Pornhub hosts hundreds of Coronavirus-themed porn videos

Pornhub, the largest pornography site in the world, is hosting hundreds of Coronavirus- themed pornographic videos. Many of the videos involve people wearing face masks,...

Pornhub exposed hosting toddler abuse videos

After almost half a million people have signed a petition to shut down Pornhub over cases of sex trafficking, rape and child sexual abuse, new...

Petition to shut down Pornhub

Executive "mega-pimps" must be held accountable for facilitating sex trafficking

You can defend their right to childhood

A world free of sexploitation is possible!

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