Speaking out against the exploitation of women and children: Collective Shout cited in NSW Modern Slavery Act report  

Report cites Collective Shout and Movement Director Melinda Tankard Reist Following its 2019 Inquiry into the Modern Slavery Act 2018 and Associated Matters, the New...

Pay Per View Torture: Why Are Australian Telcos and ISPs Enabling a Child Sexual Abuse Pandemic?

ABC Religion and Ethics 6 Jul 2017 Melinda Tankard Reist is a writer, speaker and co-founder of Collective Shout. She co-edited Big Porn Inc: Exposing the Harms of the Global...

Win! Telstra removes porn from Bigpond site

Ever thought emails and complaints weren't worth the effort? Read on Last month Telstra was exposed for supplying pornography through its BigPond website over video...

'Telstra Babes': Why is the telco hosting porn?

Just the latest example of the mainstreaming of pornography ‘The "Telstra Babes" content is just a few clicks away from the "Women at Telstra" recruitment website,...

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