"Winey Bitch": Spectrum Bar a cocktail of sexism and misogyny

Spectrum Daiquiri Bar in Brisbane has been the target of an online backlash for naming its cocktails "Winey Bitch" and "Red Headed Slut."


Hundreds have posted comments on Spectrum's Facebook page in response to a post asking for general feedback about the venue. Spectrum's management responded to criticism saying that they will take it 'into consideration.'

Posting on Collective Shout's Facebook page, owner Amy Sutton had this to say:

"Spectrum has NEVER referred to ANYONE as a 'bitch' or a 'slut'. These are names given to drinks - inanimate, genderless, drinks."

So the "her" in "Shut her up" is a drink and not a person? The words "goes down" in inverted commas were not intended to carry a double meaning?

Ms. Sutton also said:

"....Do you think we will change for people who are rude and nasty to us? A lot of you have stated that you will not be drinking here anyway - regardless of the name change - not only this, but after (multiple times) explaining that you have been understood and we have taken your posts on board, and there was no need to continue to post the same thing - you continued to post negative things. Why not give us the chance?..."

The reason people kept posting comments in protest is because despite being given "the chance" to apologise and commit to making changes, they did no such thing. After defending the cocktail names on social media for two days they altered their web page to remove the product descriptions, "goes down" and "shut her up" but left the titles "Winey Bitch" and "Red Headed Slut" in place.

If Spectrum management are serious about taking a stand against sexism and misogyny, they would change the titles completely.  Indeed there is nothing in the actions of the owners to indicate even a basic understanding of the issue, let alone a willingness to change. Spectrum co-owner Deryn Cox said today in the Courier Mail that they didn't think the names were "particularly sexist." Mr Cox also described those speaking out against the cocktails as 'extremists.'

Writing on Collective Shout's Facebook page, Mr Cox described our campaign against the cocktail names as a 'bad joke.' If the campaign is seen as a bad joke by anybody, we are assuming that it is seen this way by the same people who think "Red headed slut" and "Winey Bitch" are not 'particularly sexist' terms.  It is alarming that some people cannot recognise sexism and misogyny when it is right in front of their face. However it is encouraging to see so many people speaking out against it. As Collective's South Australian Coordinator Nicole Jameson said:

"Bravo, Spectrum. In a country where alcohol is a major factor in both domestic violence and sexual assault, you manage to combine them all in your drink names."

That's why Spectrum needs to change and we need to keep speaking out.

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(Note: There is nothing "raunchy" about sexism and misogyny)

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