Ad Standards Board dismisses complaints against Honey Birdette "Nice Girls do..." ad


Despite the shopfront advertising content being not only of a sexualized nature but designed to sell sex toys, and located adjacent to a shopping centre playground, the Advertising Standards Board determined that the advertisement “did treat sex, sexuality and nudity with sensitivity to the relevant audience and did not breach Section 2.3 of the Code.”

This is the first recorded account of Honey Birdette using the complaints process to insult and demean the complainant and Ad Standards passing the insult on to the complainant. This taken from Honey Birdette's response:

It is important to note that this image appears in all 6 of our stores and we have not received one complaint other than this.

To be honest if we had a flurry of complaints we would be the first company to change the advertising as we are very sensitive to the needs and concerns or our shoppers. As is the case here, it is one person imposing their beliefs upon everyone else. Not one child or teenager has tried to walk into our store (unless a toddler in pram with their mother) in the past 8 months.  

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