Ad Standards upholds complaints against Honey Birdette weeks after ad campaign ends

The Ad Standards Panel has upheld complaints against a Honey Birdette advertisement showing two women in BDSM lingerie fawning over each other with one of the women holding an "equestrian flogger." The ad appeared on TV screens inside Honey Birdette's shop front windows in suburban shopping centres around Australia.

The bondage themed ad featured as the backdrop for a segment on A Current Affair covering complaints and the ongoing petition against Honey Birdette's sexually exploitative advertising. 

Honey Birdette made a number of false claims about Collective Shout in response to the segment. A Current Affair published our response on their website, which you can also read here - Honey Birdette falsehoods exposed : A Current Affair publishes our statement correcting baseless claims.

Honey Birdette rotates its ad campaigns regularly, so as usual this ad campaign had already come to an end by the time Ad Standards had made their determination.

Complaints against still versions of the same ad were dismissed by the Ad Standards Panel in December 2019. See here.

Read Ad Standard's determination for Honey Birdette's bondage themed TV advertisement here.


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