Adairs and Bras n Things dodge the issues

We summarise the response received from Adairs and Bras N Things following complaints about Playboy merchandise

"I sincerely apologise for any offence we may have caused you, this of course was never our intention."

It is not about an individual's feelings on the matter, but about the nature of what Adairs is promoting. Playboy is a brand of pornography.

"At Adairs we pride ourselves in creating furnishing options to appeal to all of our customers. We chose our new Mansion collection to cater for our customer who is looking for something a little more fun and glamorous."

Playboy is not 'fun and glamorous' though this is an image that Playboy has cultivated quite successfully.

"With this in mind and the fact that the vast majority of our internal team members are women whom we value and respect in every way we apologise if we have offended you by choosing to sell and market this product."

Again, it is not about individual offence. This is a clever way of saying that the problem is how we feel about the product and not what the product actually is and what it means to promote a brand that is harmful to women.

It is hard to understand how they can truly respect their team members when they promote a brand that is inherently disrespectful to women.

"We have taken careful consideration with the styling of our marketing, packaging and photography to ensure that the new Mansion collection is represented in the most tasteful manner."

"We have taken careful consideration with the styling and marketing of this product to ensure that details such as prostitution, violence against women, the 82 year old man and the hardcore porn that Playboy owns such as "Anal virgins" are kept under wraps.

"I thank you for taking the time to write your email as our customer’s feedback is important to us and I sincerely hope I have given you an insight into why we have chosen our new Mansion Range by Playboy."

"We have no intention of removing the Playboy bedding, we anticipate it will be a hot seller."

"Again, I thank you for your feedback and I assure you that all comments will be considered by the Adairs executive team."

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