According to the Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA)

Advertising or Marketing Communications means any material which is published or broadcast using any Medium or any activity which is undertaken by, or on behalf of an advertiser or marketer, and

  • over which the advertiser or marketer has a reasonable degree of control, and
  • that draws the attention of the public in a manner calculated to promote or oppose directly or indirectly a product, service, person, organisation or line of conduct,

but does not include Excluded Advertising or Marketing Communications.

The Advertising Industry operates under a system of self-regulation administered through the Advertising Standards Board. The Advertising Standards Board receives complaints and determines whether the advertisement breaches a code of ethics.  

Find out how to make a complaint to the Advertising Standards Board here.

Ad Industry self-regulation

Collective Shout is critical of ad industry self regulation. We believe advertisers are using the current system to their commercial advantage and the ASB is conflicted in their role, relying on funding from the advertising industry itself. They are not distant enough to be completely objective.

Despite ongoing issues with ad industry self-regulation, it is still vitally important to lodge complaints about advertising to the Advertising Standards Board. 

Read: Why you should make a complaint to the Advertising Standards Board

Does Advertising have an impact?

According to the Communications Council, $12.6 billion is spent on advertising in Australia every year. 

Commenting on the $70 billion US market, marketing expert Nigel Hollis noted that companies expect a return on their investment and they wouldn't invest billions of dollars every year on something they thought didn't work.

Click here for more links about the impact of advertising.

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Everyday our young people are exposed to more brands continuing to sexualise girls and objectify women. You can bring change to this sexploitation, stop companies from degrading women and prevent its devastating effects on young people.

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