Advertising Industry Self Regulation

Advertising Industry Self Regulation

As you'll see from the articles listed below, Collective Shout is critical of the system of ad industry self-regulation and has recommended it be replaced by an independent regulator.

Until such change takes place, the ASB remains the official complaints handling process for advertising and it is vitally important that we use it. 

Read: Why you should make a complaint to the Advertising Standards Board

"Coming soon:" Ad Standards upholds complaints against new Honey Birdette store

As expected: "The advertiser has not provided a response to the Panel's determination"

A code of ethics that ignores sexism is a roadblock to equality

"Sexism is not always obviously violent, exploitative or degrading. It can be unintended or disguised innocently as humour, but it is always insidious, offensive to...

Honey Birdette says "In your face" to Ad Standards (and kids)

Collective Shout call for financial penalties for repeat offenders Honey Birdette are no stranger to the Advertising Standards Board. The sex shop which masquerades as...

25 Reasons Why Ad Industry Self-Regulation is a Disaster

We've spent years dealing with Ad Standards, and in this time, we've seen the many flaws in the system- one we argue needs a complete...

Ad Watchdog in Australia a dismal failure

It's no secret that the advertising industry's preferred model of regulation, self-regulation, has failed. Despite various government inquiries exploring the many flaws in the current...

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