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Thank you for helping create a world free of sexploitation this Christmas season.

$52 can help us continue to pressure Westfield to see Honey Birdette remove their p*rn-themed advertising in shopping centres. Let's stop exposing our children to the objectification and sexploitation of women this Christmas season. 

Please donate today and your donation will be doubled by a generous donor - And don't forget, all gifts over $2 are tax deductible. 


Who's donating

Robin Kentley
Meagan Schwarz
Rose Gregg
Stephanie MItchell
Andrew Lovell-Simons
Paul Speter
Alison Campbell Rate
Victoria Grimes
Karen Webb
Thomas Muir
Lyn Oakes
Cynthia Ton
Joy Butler
Christine White
Monica Weir
Alison Macintosh
Nathan Wilson
Lesley Hack
Tanya Humm
Who's donating: Robin from canterbury, Australia recently donated - Thank you!

Bakers Delight ad trivialising child abuse gone

Following our 24-hour flash campaign, Bakers Delight advised its poster - featuring young girls bound with Christmas lights and mouths stuffed with tarts - would be pulled from stores.

Melbourne BBQ company dumps violent anti-women promo

After a flood of complaints sparked by our campaign, Boss Hog and the Duchess of Pork removed it's ad depicting a woman - bound, gagged and being roasted alive by a monstrous male pig-figure.

Alibaba removes child sex dolls

E-commerce giant Alibaba Group removed all listings of child sex abuse dolls from its global platform following our two week invesigation.

Here at Collective Shout we believe a focus on the prevention of violence against women has to include challenging all the ways violence is normalised in mainstream popular culture, fashion, music, and advertising.

We know attitudes shape behaviours. If we want to see less abuse, we have to challenge the culture which normalises and glamourises it.

This year with your help we shut down major ad campaigns which objectified women and trivialised the abuse of women and girls, made a submission with 18 recommendations to the federal government Inquiry into Family, Domestic and Sexual Violence, and amplified the global call to shut down Pornhub for facilitating and profiting from the rape and torture of women and girls. Your generous gift will help women and girls live free from violence, sexual harassment and other negative consequences which result from their objectification in advertising, media and pop culture as we continue to challenge corporate perpetrators.