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Thank you for helping create a world free of sexploitation this Christmas season.

$52 can help us continue to pressure Westfield to see Honey Birdette remove their p*rn-themed advertising in shopping centres. Let's stop exposing our children to the objectification and sexploitation of women this Christmas season. 

Please donate today and your donation will be doubled by a generous donor - And don't forget, all gifts over $2 are tax deductible. 


Who's donating

Robin Kentley
Meagan and Nick Schwarz
Rose Gregg
Stephanie Mitchell
Andrew Lovell-Simons
Paul Speter
Alison Campbell Rate
Victoria Grimes
Karen Webb
Tom Muir
Lynette Oakes
Cynthia Ton
Joy Butler
Ian White
Monica Weir
Alison Macintosh
Nathan Wilson
Lesley Hack
Tanya Humm
Who's donating: Robin from canterbury, Australia recently donated - Thank you!