ASB upholds complaints against Mossimo Peepshow

And "Naughty Nicole" takes out prize for most popular entry with anti-sexism message

The Mossimo Peepshow ad campaign concluded last Monday (12th March) when it was announced that "Naughty Nicole" had won the competition with her entry - an image of herself holding a sign saying "Mossimo Peepshow = sexist rubbish."

Along with two other protest entries "Classy Casey" ('Mossimo peepshow aka sexist') and 'Kinky Kathryn' (wearing a t-shirt which said 'Please prove your masculinity another way') Nicole's protest entry received hundreds more votes than other "real" entries. You can read more about our campaign against Mossimo here.


It was then announced on Friday (16th March) that the ASB had upheld complaints against Mossimo's ad campaign. This means Mossimo can no longer use this form of advertising again. Given that Mossimo had already concluded the campaign, this was of no consequence. Mossimo's response (in part)  to the ASB when notified of complaints:

As you may be aware the campaign has been targeted by the group ‘Collective Shout’ and they have actively been complaining to our Shopping Centre Management, Media and to yourselves. The shopping centres did not agree with the complaints and therefore did not ask us to remove our windows. We have however moved to our new seasons launch and therefore our underwear window has now concluded. 

(It's true, we had been doing all of those things and we are pleased to see our work has been recognised. Also, bold is ours)

Mossimo's response to the ASB's determination that the ad campaign breached standards:

 16 March 2012: The Mossimo „Peep Show‟ campaign has concluded and therefore all elements have been shut down. The peep show facebook application will be disabled this afternoon.

This is another example of the ASB being a 'toothless tiger.' They have upheld complaints weeks after they were submitted and 5 days after the ad campaign had come to an end. Mossimo will incur no penalty for using an ad campaign that has breached the Advertising Industry codes of practice.

However, do not let this deter you from making complaints to the Ad Standards Board in future. If you see an ad that uses sexploitation to sell products, make sure your complaint is on record with the Ad Standards Board using the online form at  You can read more about why this is so important here.

Complaints to the Advertising Standards Board, along with creative protests like "Naughty Nicole" are an effective way to speak out against corporate sexploitation. Thank you to all who made their voices heard on this.

Read the Ad Standards Board's Case Reports on Mossimo ads (opens PDF):

Mossimo Peepshow poster advertising

Mossimo Peepshow internet app advertising

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