Daily Mail: Backlash over Bakers Delight ad depicting tween girls bound and gagged to sell tarts

Update- Win! Bakers Delight has advised the poster will be pulled from stores.


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Yesterday we shared a Bakers Delight ad depicting two tween age girls bound and gagged to promote lemon tarts. The photo was sent to us by a supporter, who saw the image at Currambine Central shopping centre in Perth. 


The chilling image portrays two frightened girls bound with Christmas tree lights and their mouths stuffed with tarts, alongside the slogan "Silent nights".

It trivialises the serious issue of the abuse and torture of children. Did Bakers Delight consider how survivors of child abuse might feel about this promotion?

This has gone beyond a joke about quieting noisy children with sweets. It normalises the stereotype of ‘noisy’ women who need to be silenced, in this case with food shoved in their mouths. What were they thinking?

After we shared the image on social media, supporters responded to disturbing image. 

A history of ads sexualising and mocking breast cancer survivors

We have previously called out Bakers Delight for their advertising that sexualises and trivialises breast cancer. Using the language of sexual harassment and objectifying double entendres, Bakers Delight referred to breasts as "fun buns" and encouraged women to "get their buns out". 




So far, Bakers Delight has remained silent. Let them know what you think of this ad.

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