Body Shop ad campaign triggers distress for abused child


As reported by the Herald Sun

A MELBOURNE foster mum is fighting to get an explicit Body Shop campaign scrapped after it distressed her foster daughter by reviving her past of sexual abuse.

Sexual assault experts agree the The Body Shop’s latest advertisement for its hemp soap range should be canned, saying the “softcore porn” image could trigger memories of trauma for abuse sufferers.

The campaign — which has been plastered in shopfronts and on the company’s website and Facebook page — features a man’s naked torso with only a leaf-shaped piece of soap covering his genitalia.

The tagline reads: “Get Your Hands on the Good Stuff”.

The incensed Melbourne woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, emailed The Body Shop last week, telling them her 12-year-old foster child who has “had a life of inappropriate sexual information and pain” had become upset after seeing the risque image at a Knox shopping centre. Read more.


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[UPDATE] The Advertising Standards Board has dismissed complaints against The Body Shop window ads

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