Boycott Honey Birdette's landlord shopping centres

We’re backing a call for a nationwide boycott of sex store Honey Birdette’s landlord shopping centres. Launched by supporter, PhD candidate and mum-of-three Sharon Coulton, the boycott - running July 1 - 15 - comes with an urgent message to the Champions of Change-led property companies to STOP allowing Honey Birdette’s porn-themed ads in their family-friendly shopping centres.


We’ve had enough of Honey Birdette’s harmful sexist, degrading, objectifying, porn-style ads in our communities - we want action from the shopping centres now!

Support the boycott - join the Facebook event here

Find your local Honey Birdette landlord shopping centre here.

Add your name to 78,000 others who have signed the petition calling on shopping centres to take action against Honey Birdette porn-themed advertising. 

Let us know which shopping centre you’re boycotting. Leave a comment on their Facebook page - let them know too.

Thanks for taking action!

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