Bras n Things and Playboy

Another retailer jumps into bed with Playboy

We wrote last week about how the Playboy brand is now adorning bed sheets from homewares and manchester retailer Adairs and how this is an example of the mainstreaming of Pornography. A Collective Shout supporter has today alerted us to Bras n Things latest promotion.


The above image features prominently on the front page of their website. Apparently we can have our very own Playboy bunny outfit just like those worn by Hugh Hefner's prostitutes the young women he pays to be his girlfriends.

Contact Bras n Things here, let them know what you think. You can use their online enquiry form, or down the left hand side of their web page you will see postal addresses should you wish to put pen to paper.

Feel free to make the following points in your letter:

  • Playboy is a pornography brand
  • By promoting the Playboy brand, they are promoting pornography
  • Playboy promotes a narrow minded beauty ideal and sexist stereotypes based on the sexual preferences of an 82 year old man
  • Promoting these narrow beauty ideals and stereotypes about women's sexuality is harmful to women
  • By incorporating Playboy in their range of underwear they are offering women an opportunity to participate in their own exploitation
  • You will not shop at Bras n Things as long as they continue to stock the Playboy brand.

And as with last time we wrote about Playboy, please post any letters you write to Bras n Things in the comments below, to inspire and motivate others to do the same. Let us know if you receive a response.


See Adairs and Bras n Things dodge the issues

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