Bras n Things wants you to be a Bunny

Does that include Hef's 9pm curfew?

More promotion of the global brand of the porn industry from Bras n Things who continue playing their part in the mainstreaming of pornography. This image of a Bras n Things window display was posted on our Facebook page. We've modified it a little to add some much needed info about what is really involved with 'being a bunny!'

This review  of the book 'Bunny Tales: behind closed doors at the Playboy Mansion' sheds some light on what 'being a bunny' is all about.

"....First, there was a strict curfew, so unless you were out with Hef, you had to be back in the hutch by 9pm. Second, while you could order any food or drink you wanted, at any time, from one of the many Mansion “butlers”, you were not allowed into the kitchen, even for a glass of water. And third, of course, you had to live in the extraordinarily dingy Playboy mansion, where all the furniture was falling apart, the mattresses were stained and the carpets were covered in dog poo."

Now found on bed sheets, make up and even energy drinks, the Playboy brand has been marketing itself in a way to make the brand less threatening and to create brand familiarity amoungst young people. What is then ignored is Playboys objectification of women and it's association with hard core pornography.

From  Is the Playboy party over?

Where Playboy was once solely associated with softcore pornography and affluence, it now has associations with hardcore pornography and cheap accessories. Playboy Enterprises owns Spice Digital Networks, a set of channels that show films such as Hijack my Hole, Asian Sex Tramp, Giant Juggs [sic] 3 and My Wife's a Slut. At the same time, controversially, Playboy-branded products have been marketed heavily to young women and children – WH Smith carried a line of Playboy stationery until 2009. In Asia, rabbit products are shelved alongside Hello Kitty and Paul Frank merchandise, and sell well; Playboy Enterprises expects to take $20m (£12m) in the region by the end of this year. Gunelius says: "Women buy Playboy products because they think the bunny's cute, just like the Hello Kitty logo is cute. A lot of the women's merchandise is pink, sparkly, sexy. It's very simple, and a large audience likes that."

Getting rid of the Bunny

Fortunately, Playboy's attempt to spread it's brand far and wide has been met with strong resistance!  Over 200 protesters joined UK Feminista and OBJECT to protest the opening of a Playboy club in London. Watch here:

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