Bratz dolls relaunch with (slightly) more demure look

Still 'strut', 'flirt' and have a 'passion for fashion'

Melinda Tankard Reist appeared on Channel 7's Morning show today, talking about Bratz dolls being relaunched with a reported 'slightly more demure' look, as reported in the LA times.

The outfits are less sexy, the makeup and hair a bit more demure and the heels not as sky-high, but the saucy Bratz dolls are strutting their way back onto toy shelves.

Melinda makes the point that while they might have more clothing on, there is very little no difference in what the dolls promote. The focus is still on appearance, on 'hotness.' The girls have a 'passion for fashion.' According to the Bratz website, the dolls like to 'strut' and 'flirt.'

Here are 'the old' Bratz



I am yet to find a decent picture of the 'slightly' different Bratz doll. In case you're wondering, yes, the picture on the right is supposed to be a baby.

What is it that we want for our little girls? Do we want to teach them to obsess over their appearance? That 'strutting' and 'flirting' are worthwhile past times? Why do little girls need dolls that resemble p*rn stars? Why have they made a baby doll sexy?

See Melinda on The Morning Show here:

[Video no longer available]

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