Breaking! 7-Eleven CEO instructs 700 stores to remove porn mags

Angus McKay has heard your messages loud and clear. Thanks to you, all 700 7-Eleven stores have been instructed to remove pornographic Picture and People magazines from their stores. 


Listen: Melinda Tankard Reist on Sydney Live with Ben Fordham

In his reply to Collective Shout on Sep 3 7-Eleven CEO Angus McKay stated:

  1. Once the nature of these magazines was brought to our attention, before your organisation contacted me, we made a stock recommendation change. I would acknowledge we should have been more across the nature of these magazines and taken action earlier. That said, once the team were made aware of the material they acted and changed our recommended range quickly.
  2. I have personally written to all franchisees and store managers asking for the removal of these magazines. The note makes my, and the company’s, view on these magazines very clear.
  3. Each store in our network is visited by a member of our operations team. They have been instructed to follow through on my instructions as a priority.

We applaud 7-Eleven in taking this positive action. 

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Call their Head Office on (03) 95410711

Write to them at 2/658 Church St, Richmond, Vic, 3121.

Given Mr McKay's express desire for 7-Eleven to be leaders and a public advocate in this space, we invite 7-Eleven to become a signatory to our CSR Pledge. Collective Shout doesn’t just call out companies doing the wrong thing. We also work with those who want to commit to changing the status of women and girls and demonstrating their commitment by signing on to our Corporate Social Responsibility Pledge. Signatories sign a statement of intention worded as follows:

In a spirit of respect and responsibility towards our consumers and broader society, and in recognition of the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women and Convention on the Rights of the Child, we PLEDGE to be respectful of women and girls in our advertising and marketing by refraining from:

  • publishing images or messages that objectify women or girls;
  • carrying products, or providing services that involve images or messages that objectify women or girls;
  • promoting products or services that are designed to encourage children to think sexual appeal is essential to social success;
  • carrying/promoting products to girls, or providing services to girls that bear any mark, brand or logo associated with pornography or the systematic objectification of women.

We further pledge to rectify any error as soon as possible.”

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