What were they thinking? Bubba Pizza condemned for sexist slogan

“When you’ve had it up to here with the old ball and chain”

Yesterday, we received this image of a pizza box from Bubba Pizza, a Melbourne-based pizza franchise.  

Screen_Shot_2020-04-05_at_5.06.29_pm.pngPic credit: Vanessa 

The term “ball and chain” is typically used as a derogatory term for a female partner. It plays into a stereotype of wives (and women more generally) as burdensome and restrictive, as holding men back or preventing them from doing what they want to do. The slogan "When you've had it up to here with the old ball and chain...Let Bubba make it better" not only undermines gender equality, it legitimises sexist attitudes towards women. 

In recent weeks, with Covid-19 induced isolation and lockdown around the world, domestic violence is reportedly on the rise. Many victims are trapped at home with their abusers and are unable to access essential support services. Reinforcing sexist attitudes towards women and emboldening abusive men, which is exactly what Bubba Pizza has done here, is the very last thing vulnerable women need. 

Take Action

Contact Bubba Pizza on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or send them an email at [email protected]. Ask them to withdraw pizza boxes with these slogans immediately. 

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