Buddy's no role model

AFL footballer Lance 'Buddy' Franklin has released 'The Buddy Ball' football for kids. But what else is he selling?

[UPDATE] Collective Shout's "Give porn tees the boot buddy" banner confiscated at AFL game 


We've posted about AFL Hawthorn player Lance “Buddy” Franklin before. We've written about his sexist clothing brand Nena and Pasadena, of which he is Co-director. Take a look at some of his designs below.


The women on Nena and Pasadena t-shirts are frequently topless and sexually objectified, positioned in weak and vulnerable poses. What message does this clothing send N&P's target market of young men about women?


What does it say about men and women when clothed men wear t-shirts of naked women?Naomi Wolf, author of The Beauty Myth said, “Cross-culturally, unequal nakedness almost always expresses power relations.”

Gail Dines, sociologist and author of Pornland said, “It’s no accident that in prisons the first thing a prisoner has to do is strip naked, because to be naked in the presence of somebody clothed is to be in a vulnerable situation.


Young fans look up to their favourite footy players. Children as young as five who sign up for 'Auskick' receive a bag full of AFL branded paraphernalia, including trading cards with the players pictures, and a height chart with the heights of famous players already marked. From a very young age, children can consider how they literally measure up to their role models. Unfortunately, some players are not worthy of this honour.

The AFL has the Respect and Responsibility policy in place to cultivate a safe environment for women. Has Buddy heard of it?

The Respect and Responsibility Policy represents the Australian Football League’s commitment to addressing violence against women and to work towards creating safe, supportive and inclusive environments for women and girls across the football industry as well as the broader community.

The Respect and Responsibility Policy is about shifting attitudes – ensuring that people throughout the Australian Football industry are aware, and have structures in place, that recognise that violence against women and behaviour that harms or degrades women, is never acceptable.

Despite this, the AFL has refused to even acknowledge Franklin's blatant disregard for the policy, leaving many to question its effectiveness. (Read Melinda Tankard Reist's piece on ABC's The Drum “Showing respect for women the AFL way”

Nena_Pasadena_weekend_washing_facebook_post.pngNena and Pasadena’s facebook page has become a forum for sexism  and misogynistic comments. N&P habitually post pictures of semi-clothed women, inviting fans to rank them, as well as photos of young women kissing, while offering prizes to fans who share the best strategies for getting women into bed. Here are a few examples:

"Drop a roofie"

"I like to call it 'the fight and struggle'"

"the skull drag to the bushes and then duck tape the mouth move''

"I hope to God they can't run faster than me down that alleyway"

Nena and Pasadena’s response? “Keep em coming guys- this is very entertaining!

Buddy's new Campaign video is under investigation by the Advertising Standards Bureau. Make a complaint here.

Tobacco Control have also confirmed N&P are once again under investigation for allegedly breaching anti-smoking laws, already having had two t-shirts banned.


Franklin uses his high profile as an AFL player to promote his business on N&P's website and Facebook page, as well as in generating media attention for his brand. From N&P's Facebook page info:

"Nena & Pasadena was birthed, after AFL superstar Lance “Buddy” Franklin joined forces with one of Australia’s leading menswear labels, to create a fun, outgoing and vibrant street wear label that captured the attention of thousands!"

This month, Buddy released the 'Buddy ball', a football along with an instructional dvd for kids. It is to be sold at toy stores and other retailers.Buddy is marketing his brand to children, milking his role model status to sell footballs.

This is the man who designs porn themed t-shirts, produces pornographic campaign videos and provides a social forum on Facebook for men to joke about drugging and raping women.

He is not a role model for our sons.

Needless to say, give the Buddy Ball a miss. Buddy Franklin does not deserve your money.



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Contact the AFL

Some points you might like to make are:

- Buddy Franklin uses his high profile with the AFL to promote sexism

-Buddy Franklin continually disregards the AFL's Respect and Responsibility policy

-Buddy Franklin is the public face of a company renowned for degrading and objectifying women in their products, advertising and conduct

-Ask the AFL what action they intend to take

Feedback form (Select 'Contact AFL', then 'General') or Facebook or Twitter

Contact these retailers and ask them not to endorse Buddy Franklin products.

Rebel Sport

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Big W

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