Cancel child sex abuse doll company 'audited supplier' certificates: our call to Bureau Veritas

Read our open letter to the CEO of French certification company Bureau Veritas, Didier Michaud-Daniel, below.

April 6, 2023

Dear Mr Michaud-Daniel,

In our investigations of child sex abuse dolls for sale on we discovered that Bureau Veritas was named as the auditor which certified a child sex abuse doll company, Shenzhen Jarliet Co as an ‘Audited Supplier’. Naturally, we were alarmed by this, given Made-in-China’s audited supplier program serves to lend legitimacy to (and, presumably, boost sales for) companies operating on the platform.

In our investigations we found Jarliet promoting and selling replica dolls modelled on the bodies of pre-pubescent girls, marketed for men’s sexual use.

Jarliet even offers customised dolls modelled on real, living children, created using customer-supplied images.

We were disappointed to see BV’s name connected to the growing global trade in child sex abuse material, which these dolls are a form of. From reinforcing and normalising men’s desires to sexually abuse children, to violation of and crimes against specific, living girls who serve as muses for child sex abuse doll creators, these illegal products aid paedocriminals and put children at risk.

Here in Australia it is illegal to own, import and advertise these products.

We are asking you as CEO of Bureau Veritas to withdraw the BV certificate issued to Jarliet, and to any other MIC child sex abuse doll company it certified as a Made-in-China Audited Supplier.

You can read more about our investigations here.

I look forward to hearing from you Mr Michaud-Daniel.


Lyn Swanson Kennedy
Campaign Strategy Team, Collective Shout

CEO silent

Despite a follow up request for a reply, Bureau Veritas' outgoing CEO Mr Michaud-Daniel has stayed silent.

Our open letter followed tweets exposing BV's certification of a child sex abuse doll company and asking what action the company would be taking. BV did not respond to those either.

And here's what we wrote on LinkedIn:

Again, no response.

Why is Bureau Veritas ignoring us?

Take action 

Tell Bureau Veritas to cancel "Audited Supplier" certificates issued to Jarliet and any other child sex abuse doll company they have certified. 






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