Sex Dolls and Robots: Our Campaigns Manager Caitlin Roper to address Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Global Summit

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Collective Shout Campaigns Manager Caitlin Roper will be presenting at the Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Global Summit 2020 from July 18-28. The annual summit held in Washington DC is the peak gathering for those working globally to end all forms of sexual exploitation. Movement Director Melinda Tankard Reist, along with the campaigns team, were booked to fly to this year’s summit in person, however due to coronavirus, the event will take place online. You can register today for this free, online summit.


Caitlin's presentation is described as follows:

This presentation will examine the development of pornified, female-bodied sex dolls and robots marketed for men’s sexual use, and the implications of these products for women and girls. Predicted to become a cross-national issue of concern and the future of the sex industry, men are able to design their own ideal ‘woman’, sex doll brothels are surfacing around the world, and academics propose child sex dolls as a solution to paedophilia. With a view of sex dolls and robots as representing the literal sexual objectification of women and girls, this presentation will explore sex dolls and robots designed to facilitate the simulation of rape, violence against women and child sexual abuse. It will inform and equip viewers to engage politically on this issue, and inspire them to participate in collective action in defence of the rights of women and girls. Read more. 

Caitlin’s writing on child sex dolls has been published in Arena magazine and ABC Religion and Ethics. She has also been interviewed by Derrick Jensen on her research on the issue.

Collective Shout co-founder and Movement Director Melinda Tankard Reist has previously spoken at the Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Global Summit on pornography and young people.


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