Call to action: LFL

The Lingerie Football League is coming to Australia. On Saturday.  

The LFL is far from being a genuine women's sport. The event objectifies women, undermining women's equality in sport and women's status as serious sports women. The LFL plans to hold two promotional matches - in Brisbane on June 2 and Sydney on June 9 - followed by an official launch in 2013.


Your urgent action is required today. Here is what we need you to do:

Click here to sign thisstarted by Collective Shout

Click here to sign this petition started by a group of Melbourne school students

The first event is scheduled for this Saturday night in Brisbane. After you sign both petitions please write directly to the following contacts today by clicking on the links. Use your own words but try to make the following points:

  • You object to the Lingerie Football League (LFL) coming to Australia and the venue/promoter's association with the event
  • The LFL undermines women's equality in sport
  • The Federal Sports Minister Senator Lundy has spoken out against the LFL
  • Ask the venue or promoter to stop supporting the LFL by withdrawing advertising and/or cancelling the events

Brisbane Entertainment Centre email facebook twitter

Ticketek email facebook twitter

Triple M Brisbane email facebook twitter

Allphones Arena Sydney email

Live Guide email facebook twitter

Telecafe email facebook twitter

7 Yahoo Sports email facebook

To find out more about why we oppose the Lingerie Football League and other ways to take action, click here.Thanks for your support!

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