Calling all activists! Contact Wish shopping app CEO Peter Szulczewski

Calling all activists! Time to get creative.

Contact the Wish CEO - Peter Szulczewski.

We've been challenging Wish shopping app to remove child-like sex dolls off their platform. The response from Wish on our Facebook page suggested they were not aware of the items that had “made it onto [their] platform” and that they were committed to removing such items “when [they] find them”.

But after many weeks the items are still there along with a whole range of horrific items. In addition to child sex dolls, we have found realistic silicone replica vaginas, female torsos and backsides, replica female mouths and throats, disembodied child sex doll legs, feet, and heads for sale, all for men’s sexual use. Wish are not a small company. As of 2016, Wish had about 100 million users.

So we are going to send our message straight to their CEO Peter Szulczewski.

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