Calvin Klein at it again

*Update* Calvin Klein remove sexualised advertisement

"Hi there,
Thanks for your patience with this matter. We hope you can understand our need to balance both the rights of the retailer with the needs of the community.

We shared these concerns with Calvin Klein, and are pleased to report that they have replaced that particular artwork with alternate imagery overnight.

We do value community feedback and we're pleased to have been able to work with the retailer to address these concerns.

Kind regards,
Westfield Chatswood"

This picture outside a Calvin Klein store in a Westfield Shopping Centre was recently brought to our attention.


We shared the post on social media and tagged both Westfield and Calvin Klein into the post so they would be notified when our supporters commented. 

Westfield replied: 


But is it enough for Westfield to just pass on the complaint? What responsibility do centre management have to ensure their centres are safe for families? Parents are fed up of having to navigate pornified images in shopping centres when they are out shopping with their children.

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