Win! Cancer Council intervenes with fundraiser that objectifies women

Fundraising for charities is a noble goal, one that we particularly appreciate the value of, being a charity that runs solely on donations ourselves. But recently a group decided to fundraise for the Cancer Council by holding an event at Schnitz'N'Tits. 


A copy of the flyer on the groups Facebook page

You may have heard about this establishment before. They plaster their billboards across the city making them impossible to miss. Local residents in the area have reported the establishment to the Advertising Standards Board and the councils are also taking further action. 

We reached out to the Cancer Council's CEO Sanchia Aranda via Twitter and received a response shortly after.


We are pleased to say that all mention of the groups fundraiser have since been removed from their social media page.

Please join us in thanking the Cancer Council for taking a stand for women and girls!

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