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Your chance to change the future starts now. Research tells us our young people are suffering rising rates of depression, anxiety, eating disorders, self-harm, body hatred. As well, 58% of girls receive uninvited sexually explicit material (texts, video clips, p*rnography), 70% are harassed online.

Sexualisation, objectification and a deluge of p*rnography are major drivers of these negative physical and mental health outcomes. 

So far this year, our campaigns, supported by you, have seen the withdrawal of many ads and products that objectify women and sexualise girls. We’ve lobbied MP’s, called for an overhaul of our regulatory systems which have clearly failed, addressed thousands of students, hosted the first ever Australian symposium on harms of p*rnography to children and film launches exploring harmful messages around young people and p*rnography. 

“I have been the at home parent with my three daughters since the oldest was three months old. At times I have despaired for their future believing what I do about men’s lives and women’s lives. This feeling is outweighed by the work you do. Their present is not my past of entrenched misogyny because of the work you do. Their future is not my past of women settling for intimate loving relationship that were neither loving nor intimate because of the work you do. Many of the young men they’ll encounter will be better people, better men, because of the work you do. Their peers are more thoughtful and more generous of spirit than me and my peers at similar ages because of the work you do. The work Collective Shout does makes my life and the lives of our daughters better, our futures brighter, our choices wider. Thank you.” – Tony, parent.

Collective Shout shows a world free of sexploitation is possible.  

But to continue creating a world free of sexploitation, we need to raise $50,000 by June 30.

Every day we are asked to take on new campaigns. We'd love to do more but we need your help. Ten donors giving $100 each covers a whole campaign. 

Will you invest in a world free of sexploitation by making a one time tax deductible donation by June 30? Click here. You will be directed to the NFAW website. Select 'Collective Shout' in the drop down box.

From the Collective Shout team - Coralie, Caitlin, Linda, Sarah, Melanie, Melinda L. and Melinda T.R.

P.S. Thank you to all our loyal funding partners who already give generously every month! 

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A world free of sexploitation is possible!

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