Brisbane car loan company porn-themed ads condemned - Updated: Flash WIN!

2 hours to take down Cat Mountain’s porn-themed ads

Just a couple of hours after we went out on Cat Mountain's porn-themed and racist 'gang bang' ads, company director Pete Mogridge contacted us to say that he was removing all of them from the company's social media pages. Pete shared this statement to Cat Mountain's Facebook and Instagram:

We were pleased to see Cat Mountain's quick response to our campaign. It followed backlash from our supporters who objected to Cat Mountain's porn-themed promos:
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Cat Mountain (Cat Mtn), a Brisbane-based finance brokerage, is using racist, ‘gang bang’ and other porn-themed memes to promote its services. According to the company website, Cat Mountain was 'brought to life' by broker Pete Mogridge, and specialises in vehicle and personal loans. It claims to be ‘making finance fun’.

Recently, Cat Mountain adapted a meme called ‘Piper Perri Surrounded’  to flog its services on Instagram and Facebook. Originating from a 2015 porn film, Orgy is the New Black, the meme portrays a small (white) woman, sitting on a couch smiling as five large (black) men tower over her from behind. Wearing pigtails, braces and a unicorn t-shirt, the female character - played by porn performer Piper Perri - resembles a child. 

The film features on major porn sites, with captions including 'Skinny tight white teen Piper Perri takes thick black c*cks while dad watches'. It is tagged ‘interracial’, 'teen', ‘gangbang’, ‘big-c*ck’ and ‘black-c*ck’.

According to, the original meme, modified and circulated widely since its creation in 2016, is an expression of ‘willful ignorance to an overwhelming series of problems’. 

Other porn-themed memes on Cat Mountain's social media pages feature semi-naked women posed on their hands and knees. One is dressed in a school girl costume. 

In one post, Cat Mountain co-opts Pornhub’s unmistakeable black and gold logo. The post is captioned using sexual innuendo and double entendre: 

Whether you’re here for the memes or for the finance - it doesn’t matter what you’re into.

The main thing is that you came.

But what’s fun - or funny - about porn and objectification of women? And what are we to make of Cat Mountain's willingness to present women’s degradation as ‘jokes’ to sell its services? Is its aim to alienate women and girls? To make them feel unwelcome, unsafe and at risk of sexual harassment? How is that a good business model?

Does Cat Mountain know Pornhub is currently being sued by 98 victims in seven major lawsuits, or about the global campaign to shut down Pornhub and hold its executives accountable for profiting from child exploitation material, rape, image based abuse and human trafficking? Why is it giving shoutouts to this mass global corporate profiteer of crimes against women and girls? 

Porn and objectifying portrayals of women don’t cease to be harmful simply because they’ve been turned into memes. Cat Mountain doesn’t get a free pass to trade off of women’s degradation and exploitation on a claim that it’s having ‘fun’. It needs to demonstrate corporate social responsibility and pull its porn-themed promos immediately.

Take action

Tell Cat Mountain to remove its porn-themed posts!

Leave a comment on their 

Instagram: @catmtn


Or email them at [email protected]

Let us know if they reply.

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