Child abuse material and child abuse doll seized, man arrested

Collective Shout have been campaigning to have child sex abuse dolls removed from online platforms such as Etsy, Twitter and Alibaba. As in the case below, many in possession of the prohibited child abuse dolls are also found to have other child abuse material in their possession.


Broken Hill man arrested and charged following alleged importation of child-like sex doll

A 24-year-old Broken Hill man has been arrested and charged by New South Wales Police after an Australian Border Force (ABF) investigation into an alleged attempt to import a child-like sex doll.

The life-like doll was detected by ABF officers in Sydney, who were examining air cargo at the border.

On 25 May 2023, ABF Investigators and NSW Police executed Customs Act 1901 search and seizure warrants on a premises in Broken Hill, NSW.

During the search, officers located additional prohibited material including a further child-like sex doll along with what is alleged to be child abuse material on a number of mobile phones, laptops and hard drives that were seized as evidence.

ABF Commander Enforcement and Detained Goods East, Justin Bathurst, said “Regardless of the location, be it the city and surrounds or regional Australia, the ABF will pursue criminal prosecution of those attempting to import prohibited items or objectionable material.”

The man was arrested and charged by NSW Police with possession of child abuse material and possession of a child-like sex doll. The ABF investigation remains ongoing and will likely result in additional charges for importing a prohibited item contrary to section 233bab(5) of the Customs Act 1901.

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In this presentation, Caitlin Roper, author of the newly-released Sex Dolls, Robots and Woman Hating, exposes the production of child sex abuse dolls as a growing threat to girls. Child sex abuse dolls are lifelike, replica children with penetrable orifices, modeled on the bodies of girls – even toddlers and babies – and marketed for men’s sexual use. Caitlin examines the implications of these products for girls, from doll owners who sexually offend against children, men who incorporate girls into their sex doll use, and dolls made in the likeness of actual children. Caitlin debunks common defences for child sex abuse dolls by advocates and discusses strategies for global resistance.

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