Child sex abuse dolls and robots: fighting paedophilia

Child sex abuse dolls and robots: fighting paedophilia

Tune into this online event featuring Kathleen Richardson, Founder of the Campaign Against Sex Robots, and Caitlin Roper, Campaigns Manager at Collective Shout. 

CASR_FB_11_feb.jpgChild sex abuse dolls are lifelike dolls of children to carry out paedophilic fantasies. Advocates of the dolls believe they could help to reduce child sexual exploitation and point to the lack of a ‘moral agent’ in the doll that is unharmed by paedophilic behaviour. Against this backdrop is a growing attempt to redefine paedophilia as a sexual orientation ‘pedosexual’ and moves to see it as an unfortunate but normal sexual orientation. We critically reject the arguments for child sex abuse dolls and highlight the attack on children’s dignity and rights.

Thursday, February 11 2021- 5pm Perth time, 8pm AEST

Register here for this free online event. 

February 11, 2021 at 5:00pm - 6:30pm

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You can defend their right to childhood

A world free of sexploitation is possible!

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