Child sex dolls removed from online store Wish

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After months of pressuring global shopping app Wish to remove child sex dolls from its platform, we have finally achieved success. Wish CEO Peter Szulczewski has advised the company has removed child sex dolls from sale. 

Our campaign against Wish started several months ago when a supporter alerted us to the child sex dolls on its app. We found dozens of life-like replica children advertised. 

We encouraged our supporters to contact Wish. At first the company claimed they had removed the products. But they were only replaced with others.  

Child sex dolls are morally and ethically abhorrent and illegal to import (into Australia). Buyers face up to $450,000 in fines or 10 years jail.

We sent screenshots of the dolls to sportsmen who appeared in Wish advertising, the LA Lakers who wear the sponsored logo and included the Wish CEO in our social media posts. 

The turning point came when our research turned up a list of Wish investors who we then targeted. Almost immediately we received a private message from a major seed funder. He shared our disgust and said he would let the board know this was not how he envisioned his investment being spent.  

Within days, we received a message from Peter Szulczewski letting us know they were removing all dolls from the site. 
Without your support this outcome would not have been possible.

Click here to thank Wish for taking action 

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