Chris Brown's Australian visa application denied

The US singer has 28 days to appeal

As reported by The Guardian

The US singer Chris Brown has had his visa application to tour in Australia formally denied on character grounds, the immigration minister, Peter Dutton, has confirmed.

Brown pleaded guilty to attacking his then girlfriend, the pop singer Rihanna, in 2009.

The performer was issued with a formal notice that his visa application would be denied on Friday night, Dutton said. He has 28 days to appeal.

“People to whom these notices are issued have 28 days to present material as to why they should be given a visa to enter Australia,” the minister said. “Decisions on whether a visa will or will not be issued are made after that timeframe and consideration of the material presented to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.”

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GetUp petition 

Activist organisation GetUp initiated a petition against Chris Brown’s Australian tour, siting his “substantial criminal record” and conviction of felony assault against former girlfriend Rhianna.

The petition read:

Speaking out against Chris Brown has nothing to do with pop music, and everything to do with men's violence against women.

We're speaking out against Chris Brown because his casual visit our country would have enormous symbolic significance, which will only be amplified by our silence. By turning a blind eye to his tour, we send a message to survivors of family violence that it's not that important and that you should just get over it.

Click here to read and sign the full petition.

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