City Beach

City Beach

Surf store pushes porn to young people

City_Beach_image.jpgAccording to youth surf retailer City Beach, it is 'much more than just another retail shop.' 

City Beach has a "philosophy" which is all about "playing a part in the day to day life of Australia's youth culture and life style." The stores are a "great place to meet up and hang out with your friends" and City Beach is "constantly assessing what it is that you want, and from that, we develop in-store entertainment for you that is unmatched by any other retailer in Australia." 

The fact that young people are City Beach's target market makes its commitment to stocking pornified fashion even more disturbing. 

See below for City Beach's history of pushing porn to young people. 

City Beach still pushing pornified T-shirts

We've been writing about City Beach and their porn-themed products since 2010.  These T-shirt designs that objectify women were found in their online store this...

City Beach pulls "always positive" prank pregnancy test from shelves

"How on earth do you think this is acceptable to sell knowing a large percentage of your customers are teens?"

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Protests at City Beach stores

Warning - this post contains some graphic imagesAfter two years calling on City Beach to adopt corporate responsibility and withdraw their porn themed clothing range,...

City Beach defends sale of porn themed clothing

City Beach Human Relations Fail Caitlin Roper who is leading the campaign against City Beach's pornified clothing range received a phone call from City Beach...

Collective Shout calls on Switchfoot to pull out of City Beach event

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City Beach still pushing porn to young people

Take Action! Collective Shout WA representative Caitlin Roper has been leading the charge against pornified clothing and products sold in general retail stores.Caitlin created the...

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