City Beach sells R rated toys with kids toys

'Twisty Worm'... 'Super Glider' ... 'Grow your own big tits'

We already know that City Beach likes to sell porn themed products to a youth market. It looks like City Beach have no boundaries as to how young this market should be.

This product was found in City Beach at Indooroopilly shopping centre in Qld. 'Grow your own big tits' - an adult novelty toy with a cartoon picture of a topless woman, a prominent R rating and warning label on the pack that this is not for children. Other text includes 'Wow! knockout knockers!' ... ' pert!' ... 'They're bra busters' ... 'I grow 6 x my size' and 'for huge honkers just add water.'

And of course, these items are placed together at child's eye level, just below the counter.


We've written to City Beach, you might like to do that as well. You can do that here.

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