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Collective Shout exposes Wish shopping app selling child sex dolls and replica body parts - Collective Shout

For Immediate Release: Collective Shout exposes Wish shopping app selling child sex dolls and replica body parts

Grassroots campaigning movement Collective Shout has exposed budget shopping app Wish selling a range of child sex dolls and lifelike, silicone replica women’s vaginas, backsides, mouths and throats, torsos, legs and feet marketed for sexual use.

Caitlin Roper, spokesperson for Collective Shout, said the dolls were designed to look like pre-teen girls.

“The dolls are typically between 100 and 130 cm tall and tagged as ‘flat-chested’,” said Ms Roper.

“They are deliberately posed in such a way as to emphasise their youth and vulnerability.”

“These items exist to aid male users in their fantasies of raping children. The very sale of these dolls is an endorsement of paedophilia. Why is Wish promoting crimes of violence against children?”

Wish, which was founded by former programmers at Google and Yahoo boasts 300 million users on their app which is rated 12+, suitable for children twelve and above.

The company responded to Collective Shout’s Facebook post within hours, suggesting they had not been aware of the items.

“We are committed to preventing the sale of inappropriate items on our platforms and to immediately removing inappropriate items when we find them,” Wish wrote in a Facebook comment.

The company also promised to remove the items and take action against the merchants.

Representatives for Collective Shout rejected the response from Wish, claiming some of the offending items had even been marked “Verified by Wish”, and that child sex dolls were only the beginning.

Collective Shout documented a substantial number of replica body parts of women and children being marketed for sexual use by Wish. These included lifelike disembodied children’s legs and “top quality” silicone female child sex doll heads for oral sex.

Collective Shout also discovered hidden spy cams available for purchase alongside imagery of a man secretly filming a woman as she undresses.

Collective Shout is calling for Wish to urgently remove these items. Wish has not responded.

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27 June 2018

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