Collective Shout in UK: MTR + Caitlin Roper to speak at FiLiA conference

We are excited to announce that Movement Director Melinda Tankard Reist and Campaigns Manager Caitlin Roper will both be speaking at FiLiA - the largest annual feminist conference in Europe!

MTR and Caitlin will be running a session on Organising Campaigns, showcasing some of our favourite campaign victories.

MTR will also be featured in a session entitled Organising Against Pornography to "explore legal, advocacy and communication strategies for the abolition of pornography and the end of the epidemic of sexual violence it legitimizes, at national, EU and international levels."

Caitlin will be part of a session called Paedocriminality (more info to come). 

Book launches

Screen_Shot_2022-07-25_at_4.54.18_pm.pngMelinda will be launching her newly-released book, He Chose Porn Over Me, featuring the accounts of 25 women on their experiences with porn-consuming partners and the destructive impact of pornography. (Order your copy now from Spinifex Press.)

Caitlin will be launching her new book Sex Dolls, Robots and Woman Hating - also published by Spinifex Press - exposing the harmful trade in female-bodied sex dolls and robots. (Order your copy here.) 

If you're in the UK and you'd like to come along, you can book your ticket here

View the full agenda here. 

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