Collective Shout releases live footage of rap artist's vicious tirade against young female activist

Collective Shout has uploaded a YouTube video of US rap artist Tyler the Creator engaging in a vicious tirade against a young female activist during a Sydney all ages gig last night. The footage was recorded by a Collective Shout supporter in the audience.

The 24-year-old anti-violence against women activist has been engaged in the campaign of grassroots movement Collective Shout against the Australian tour of Tyler Gregory Okonma aka Tyler, the Creator. Collective Shout has called on Immigration Minister Brendan O’Connor to revoke his visa.

The woman had expressed her dismay on twitter at the controversial rapper being given a platform in Australia to spread hate speech, with rape and extreme violence against women common themes.

Tyler shared one of her tweets with his 1.7 million followers, many of whom took it as an invitation to prove their devotion to him by bombarding the woman with abuse and threats to rape her. These threats have since been reported to police.

Tyler launched a vicious tirade against her at the Enmore Theatre ‘all ages’ gig as the crowd cheered and punched the air.

“F*cking bitch, I wish she could hear me call her a bitch, too, f*cking whore.

Yeah, I got a sold-out show right now bitch.

Hey this f*cking song is dedicated to you, you f*cking c*nt.”

A rapper on stage with Tyler said to him: “You really didn't like her did you Tyler??”

He replied: “No the fuckin whore. This is the second time they've tried to get me kicked out of Australia. I'm still in Australia you f*ckin whore”

Tyler dedicated two songs to her: ‘Domo23’ replete with homophobic abuse about “f*gs”, and ‘Bitch Suck Dick’ which contains the lyrics “You dead bitch, I'm hot as f*ck…Punch a bitch in her mouth just for talkin' shit”.

One rapper asked concert goers, “How many people are going to kill and rape people after the show?” The audience erupted in applause.

We understand a young woman was sexually assaulted at the concert.

Collective Shout believes Tyler’s behavior last night is more evidence that he is in breach of his visa conditions. He is creating a hostile environment for women and girls by engaging in vilification.

Collective Shout W.A State Coordinator Caitlin Roper contacted Minister O’Connor yesterday to draw his attention to rape threats made by online fans. Read full letter here.

We have had no response to this or earlier correspondence.

Authorities should intervene and cancel performances scheduled for Melbourne (Palace Threatre) tonight and  Brisbane on Saturday. A petition calling on Brisbane venue Eaton Hills Hotel to cancel the event has over 7000 signatures.

Fans cheer as rapper "Tyler the Creator" abuses Australian woman at Sydney show

Rap fans get excited about rape and murder "after the show"

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