Complaints upheld, but Honey Birdette ignores Ad Standards

Ad Standards powerless to enforce compliance with code of ethics

From the report:

"The Panel considered that the pose of the woman and the placement of the hands gives the impression that she is spreading her buttocks and considered that in combination with her wide legged stance, the image is highly sexualised."

Honey Birdette did not respond to the complaint or its outcome. In cases of non-compliant advertisers, Ad Standards always publishes this response: 

"The advertiser has not provided a response to the Panel's determination. Ad Standards will continue to work with the relevant authorities regarding this issue of non-compliance."

It is never made clear who these relevant authorities are and what work the Ad Standards Panel claims to be doing with them.

The Ad Standards Panel is a branch of advertising industry self-regulation, acting as a complaints handling and resolution process. The Panel has no authority to enforce the outcome of complaints and is powerless in the face of repeat offenders like Honey Birdette.

Honey Birdette is located in family friendly shopping centres around the country. Shopping centre CEOs who receive complaints about Honey Birdette routinely advise people to direct complaints to Ad Standards even though Honey Birdette's non-compliance is well established. 

Many shopping centre CEOs who allow the sexual exploitation of women on their premises are members of an organisation called "Champions of Change" an organisation established to promote gender equality. 

We've written about the double standards of property landlord "Champions" allowing sexual exploitation on their premises, see: 'Disrupting the system': New Male Champions report challenges workplace sexual harassment while Honey Birdette Male Champ landlords perpetuate it

Read the full Ad Standards report and see advertising images below. Caution: images highly sexualised. 




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