Condom Kingdom eroticises sex with underage girls


*Trigger Warning* This article will be distressing for some.

It was recently brought to our attention that Condom Kingdom, an online sex shop and business based on the Gold Coast, is selling 'male masturbators' for men to fantasise about sex with underage girls. The "Lolita Vibrating Teenage Vagina" is advertised in this way on Condom Kingdom's website:

Lolita the Stanley Kubrick's 1962 movie classic starring Peter Sellers, James Mason and the unbelievably provocative Sue Lyon, aged 14 at the time of making the movie - attracted huge controversy and censorship problems.

Great movie and no wonder they lifted the name to put on this Vibrating Vagina. They even call it a "teenager vagina". How can something inanimate be labelled a teenager? Still we have sold a lot of them!

This is one of the original types of masturbators on the market, affordable and a popular male vibrator. Made of soft, jelly material, and with the hymen still intact, it will feel like your having sex with a virgin everytime you use it. (sic) (bold ours)


References to "virgin", "hymen", "Lolita" and the "unbelievably provocative Sue Lyon aged 14…" eroticises sex with children and therefore, paedophilia. The term "Lolita" references a film about a man pursuing sex with an underage girl (child abuse) and the term is now commonly understood to be referring to a  prepubescent or adolescent girl.

The image on the front cover of the product packaging is designed to look like an underage girl. The accompanying text "Vibrating Lolita teenage vagina" and "always like the first time" confirms this.

In addition to the "Lolita" product, a similar product called the "Teenage Dream" is sold through the site; advertised in this way:

This supersoft teenage vagina makes all your wet dreams come true. She is waiting for you to deflower her.


Eroticising sex with teenage girls and promoting the idea that girls are "waiting" to be abused is a threat to the safety of girls and an endorsement of paedophilia. How is this legal? What can be done?

Making a complaint has been remarkably difficult.  While looking into this issue, a number of options were suggested to us by government departments, including notifying the police. It seems every avenue we take, we are advised to contact someone else. We have contacted Fair Trading and submitted a complaint on their website. We are advised that we will receive a response within 10 days. We'll keep you informed.


ACMA Response

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) have responded to complaints about the products promoted on Condom Kingdom's website:

In the course of the ACMA’s investigation, the internet content specified in your complaint has been found to be hosted outside of Australia. The ACMA is therefore required to take action in accordance with Schedule 5 to the Broadcasting Services Act 1992 (the BSA).
Further, following investigation of your complaint, the ACMA:

Requested that the content be classified by the Classification Board, who classified the content at one URL R 18+ and content at the other URL RC; the ACMA therefore,

Found the content to be prohibited content, in accordance with the definitions under clause 20 to Schedule 7 of the BSA; and

Referred the content to the makers of Internet Industry Association (IIA) approved filters.

Note: "RC" means "Refused Classification."

The ACMA can only make a decision on whether the products can be portrayed and advertised online, not whether the products can be sold. It was suggested to contact Fair Trading and Police.

Fair Trading Qld's response

We have heard from Fair Trading Qld who say there is nothing they can do about this issue. It has again been suggested to make a complaint with Qld Police.

Gold Coast City Council

Council has said they are responsible for where sex shops are situated, not what is sold within them. Suggested contacting Police.

Take Action!

We have notified Qld Police about the products sold in Condom Kingdom. We will let you know any developments. Meanwhile, you might like to contact the following people. Ask why sex shops are encouraging men to fantasise about sex with underage girls.

Qld Attorney General The Hon Jarrod Bleijie MP here: [email protected] View website here:

Attorney General for Australia The Hon Nicola Roxon MP: View website here:

Minister for the status of women The Hon Julie Collins MP here: [email protected] View website here:

[UPDATE] Presumably in response to the ACMA ruling, the "Lolita" product has been completely removed from Condom Kingdom's website. The "Teenage Dream" product is still advertised with the word "Teenage" removed from the heading, despite the fact that the product packaging is clearly labelled "Teenage Dream." The description still makes reference to "tight virgin" while the words "she's waiting for you to deflower her" have been removed.

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