Cross'em off your Xmas list 2011

Don't pay for Sexploitation this holiday season

It's that time of year again. The time of year when companies ramp up their advertising in order to compete for your Christmas dollar. There is nowhere you can go without companies placing their product and logo in your face.

Now is the time to recall which companies used sexploitation to sell and promote their products over this past year. You can make a difference by voting with your dollar against sexploitation this holiday season.

Following the positive response to our inaugural 'Crossed off' list of 2010, we have compiled an updated list of corporate offenders, who we have selected for specialising in sexism, objectification and sex industry themes in 2011. These companies do not respect women and they have not responded to complaints nor changed their ways, so they do not deserve your custom.

Beside each logo you'll find a link to more information about why we encourage you to boycott this company. And don't forget to let them know why you won't be buying from them - we've included their contact details as well.



For pimping Playboy porno chic to girls and women. Our petition – currently over 7000 signatures – was recently hand delivered to Diva stores. Some staff refused to accept it, saying they had been instructed not to. Diva is owned by BB Retail Capital, which also owns Adairs and Bras N Things, where the signature brand of the porn industry gets centre spread in linen and underwear, and where women are told to ‘Be a Bunny.'

Contact Diva: [email protected]. Sign the petition here.

Bras n Things


Bras n Things sells and proudly advertises the major brand of the porn industry, Playboy.  We've written about this here and here. Bras n Things also sexualises girls. For example, the Teacher's Pet 'dress up' outfit is advertised with the words 'This school girl needs to be taught a lesson!' Contact Bras n Things: here.



Like Diva and Bras n Things, Adairs proudly sells and advertises the major brand of the Porn industry, Playboy. Along with Bras N Things, Adairs hosted a 'Playboy Club 50th Anniversary party'. 50 years of objectification, sexism and degradation is nothing to celebrate. Contact Adairs here.



For sexualised ad campaigns aimed at young girls. Supre advertised using an image of a topless young woman on the back of buses and trams and on their website.

A television ad featured a young woman gyrating around her bedroom before falling onto a bed. Supre has a long history of sexploitation with their slogan t-shirts including 'Santa's Bitch', 'Pussy Power' and 'High Beams' to name a few.
Contact Supre here.

America Apparel


For importing its porn inspired representations of women to Australia. Check the label of t-shirts, tights and underwear. If you see this logo, put it back. Contact American Apparel here.



Unilever claimed to care about ‘real’ beauty and the worth of women through its Dove label while using demeaning advertising promoting women as sexual recreation through 'Lynx.' Lynx's most recent offering was banned by the ASB. Unilever once again defended its sexist ads. Unilever owns a variety of different brands, but there is no need to try and remember them all. Just look on the back label of personal care, food and cleaning products for this blue 'U' logo. If you see the 'U' put the item back and choose another one. Contact Unilever here.

General Pants


General Pants uses objectification and sex industry themes to sell and promote their products. Large posters of topless women - with only tape covering their breasts - were used to advertise a new fashion line called 'Sex' in shop front windows.  Young staff at General Pants were required to wear badges that said 'I love sex.' 

Other promotions have featured topless models and live pole dance shows in their shop front windows. Change rooms at General Pants have featured floor to ceiling ads for prostitution and strip club venues. Contact General Pants here.

City Beach


City Beach continues to sell pornographic themed t-shirts to a young market. Collective Shout supporter Caitlin Roper challenged City Beach directly through the Equal Opportunities Commission. City Beach were uncooperative and continue to sell items like this.  Contact City Beach here.

Retailers selling porn t-shirts

Other logos for stores, which stock ranges of t-shirts depicting women in porn-themed poses and subjected to eroticised violence are shown below.  Sixty high-profile people put their names to an open letter calling for removal of these t-shirts for normalising violence against women and exposing children to sexualised images. Click on each logo for contact details of each  store.









Rivers began objectifying women on the front cover of their catalogues. They then used an image of a dead woman on the front cover of their catalogue '10 Deadly deals', which attracted complaints and significant media attention. Rivers remains unrepentant.

Contact Rivers by emailing them at [email protected]


In a clear reference to the sex industry Nando's used a burlesque/stripper model in the ‘Little Hotties’ campaign. Nando’s marketing director Kim Russell described the ad as “sassy not sleazy”. We disagreed. Stop off somewhere else for take away these holidays.cContact Nandos here.

McDonalds/Fuelzone, Caltex

Not the place for your holiday fuel stop, selling extreme porn titles promoting rape, incest and sex with young girls. While BP, Shell/Coles Express and Mobil withdrew these titles after a campaign led by Julie Gale of Kids Free 2B Kids, McDonalds/Fuelzone and Caltex have remained intransigent

Contact Mcdonalds here (regarding Mcdonalds co-brand with Fuelzone).

Contact Caltex here.

Your turn

Now it's over to you. Are there any other brands that should be included on this list? Are there alternatives to these brands that others might like to know about? Please share your suggestions below.


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