Cross 'em off your Xmas List 2014

It’s that time of year again! With the Christmas season upon us, retailers are taking it up a notch competing for your business.

Now is the time to remember the companies who objectified women and sexualized girls to sell products and services. They do not respect women and have refused to change their ways. They should not be allowed to profit on the backs of women and girls.

You can make a difference by making an ethical purchasing choice, sending a clear message about the importance of corporate social responsibility.

Here's our list of stand out corporate offenders for 2014.




While major department stores Target and Kmart opted to withdraw Grand Theft Auto V after a campaign lead by women survivors of violence, Big W chose profits over ethics, continuing to sell a game where players can brutally murder women for fun. Big W was also the target of a petition calling for removal of sexualised Christmas t-shirtsRead more here.

General Pants Co


General Pants attracted complaints for their ‘Wet Dreams’ ad campaign in shopping centres nationwide. Their history of porn-themed advertising here

City Beach


City Beach has a long history of selling products with sexist, violent and porn inspired imagery to its youth market. Read more here.

Fresh One/Fresh Boost


Fresh Boost used pornographic images, including simulated sex acts to advertise their coffee bean grand, Fresh One. Read more here. 



Online marketplace CafePress has a long history of selling clothing and merchandise with sexualised, porn-inspired and pro-rape slogans and imagery, including on clothing  for babies and toddlers. Read more here.

Ultra Tune


Ultra Tune came under fire for their sexist ad using rubber clad dominatrix women to promote car accessories. Read more here.



Schick For Men’s ‘Get Closer’ campaign is a classic example of objectification, using women’s bodies and breasts to promote men’s hygiene products. We hijacked their campaign. Read more here.



Bonds reignited their BOOBS outdoor advertising campaign, objectifying women and defining them by their ‘perky’, ‘saggy’ or ‘bouncy’ breasts. Several years ago we successfully lobbied Bonds to withdraw bras for six year old girls. Read more here. 

Honey Birdette


Honey Birdette is a sex shop masquerading as a high-end lingerie store in shopping malls around the country. Honey Birdette persists with violating advertising standards with its porn-themed shop front advertising. At Christmas Honey Birdette goes out of its way to link "Santa Claus" with sex using slogans such as "Santa baby..." and "Santa's toy shop." Read more here.



Myer failed to respond to a petition calling on them to withdraw sexually objectifying in store advertising for Viktor and Rolf perfume. Myer also defended using sexualised images to advertise lingerie throughout Westfield, including in the food court beside Mcdonalds. Read more.  

American Apparel


American Apparel continually depicts women and girls in pornified ways. This year the UK Ad Watchdog upheld complaints regarding an American Apparel ad ruled they sexualized schoolgirls. Read more here. 

Retailers funding Playboy branded sexual exploitation




Collective Shout has continued to highlight companies which profit from the mainstreaming, normalising and embedding of a major brand of the sex industry into mainstream culture.

Read more here.



Hooters restaurant promotes the sexual objectification of female staff, sexism and sexual harassment. This doesn't stop the venue from openly marketing to children, hosting children's parties and 'kids eat free' style promotions. (Thanks to a successful protest led by Collective Shouts Townsville coordinator, construction of a 'Hooters' restaurant in the area has been abandoned). Read more.

Bavarian Bier Cafe

Bavarian Bier Café was forced to withdraw ads comparing women’s bodies to meat after community uproar.. 

Goodtime Burger

Goodtime Burger in Bondi, NSW, used porn-themed advertising to sell burgers. They responded to complaints with this faux apology

Eatons Hill Hotel

Despite a protest including a 29,000 strong petition calling on Eatons Hill Hotel to refuse to host rapper Tyler the Creator whose lyrics glorify violence against women, the hotel failed to act in the best interests of the community. (Due to our campaign,Tyler the Creator was refused entry to New Zealand).

Please let these companies know why you won't be supporting them this Christmas. 

Which companies and brands are crossed off your Christmas list? Let us know in comments below.

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  • Teresa Gluth
    commented 2014-12-14 06:16:49 +1100
    Hardee’s too

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